Jack Lenz


Jack Lenz smiling and holding awards

Throughout his prolific career he has composed music for motion pictures, television, documentaries, Canadian news programs and award shows. He has also been the musical director of numerous live to broadcast events, and has directed studio sessions in countries around the world including Canada, the U.S.A., Great Britain, Russia and Slovakia.

Some of Jack’s most notable feature film projects include composing for Mel Gibson’s Passion Of The Christ and for the feature film, The Last Door, starring Andy Garcia and Angela Bassett, and the documentary Prom Night in Mississippi featuring Morgan Freeman. Recently, Jack produced two feature music documentaries. “Who the Bleep is Arthur Fogel?” and “The Poet of Havana”. Jack recently scored the Ron Chapman film, “Shelter” and the soundtrack is being distributed by Sony Classical in May, 2021.

Jack has also produced over a dozen TV series and documentaries. He is most renowned for his children’s TV series, nanalan, Mr. Meaty and Weird Years, all of which had heavy rotation on Canadian and international television. He also produces two reality series, Big Voice and Mansions for television in the US and Canada. Please refer to his website, Lenzent.com, his Wikipedia page and Imdb.

Jack Lenz has also scored music for some of Canada’s most watched television shows including Due South, Holmes On Homes, DOC, The Designer Guys, Sue Thomas F.B. Eye, and Little Mosque on the Prairie. He has also scored live events including the Oratorio For The United Nations’ Special Session On Children. Lenz has also served as Musical Director for such high profile award shows including the Genies, the Gemini’s, the Country Music Awards, YTV’s Youth Achievement Awards and for the past 13 years, has served in the same capacity for CTV’s Sick Children’s Telethon. Jack also wrote and produced the songs for a live children’s theatrical show for Paquin Entertainment called Caillou “The Greatest Skate of All”. He has also won numerous ASCAP Screen Awards for his long-running series, “Good Witch”.

Jack has written and produced songs for artists like Andrea Bocelli, The Canadian Tenors and Buffy Sainte-Marie. He is a dedicated songwriter and artists and has produced over a hundred CDs for various artists, including himself.

Jack Lenz is a passionate humanitarian dedicated to inspiring children. He co-founded the Canadian chapter of Hilary Duff’s “Kids with a Cause”, a charity that supports local children’s based charities. He is also involved with KidsFest Canada, Rainbows Canada and is currently working with Dr. Carter Snead on achieving success for the new Brain and Behaviour Center at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Jack is a member of SOCAN, The Toronto Musicians’ Association, ACTRA and the Screen Composer’s Guild of Canada. Jack Lenz resides in Toronto with his wife Debrah and their four children.