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Panicked composer and crooner, Sam Johnson, finds himself in a Chicago hotel with his drugged out, emotionally starved, and crazed fashion-model daughter, Julie, who in her stupor, mistakes her father for her lover. They are both trapped between the cops and the Mob, for whom they have become desperate pawns.

Our story begins on a beautiful day in Montreal in 1973 when Sam and his then girlfriend, Anna, welcome a baby girl, Julie, into their fractured lives. Sam is trying to establish himself as a songwriter and pianist and singer in the club scene and just to make his burgeoning career more challenging, an old high-school chum, Donnie Turcotte, introduces Sam into his mob soldier family and makes Sam an offer he can’t possibly refuse.

In return for the chance to be discovered and get his first recording contract, Sam becomes a conduit, willingly passing along information to the Montreal “Family” and gets in deeper and deeper every day. He just can’t give up the chance to have his musical career take off and they arrange for Sam to audition for a major record label in NYC. When he becomes an accessory to a Mob murder, things heat up with the cops and Anna leaves him, preventing him from seeing Julie.

His recording career takes off in the US, but his life becomes more and more complicated by how he got there. He returns to Montreal, only to find that his now ex-wife, Anna, has died and now he must care for his daughter alone. Julie is excited about life with her dad and travels with him constantly. She’s now a beautiful teenager and starts to meet Sam’s connections. His contacts get her a modelling chance, and her career takes off.

Now they are both involved with a crime family and their success is tied into that dark world. Sam is trying to extricate himself while Julie’s career takes off and she is pulled into a world of substance abuse and bad boyfriends. Sam becomes an informant for the police and the final scene at a concert in Chicago brings the story to an unexpected conclusion.
Our film deals with the challenge of substance abuse and how it affects two very talented people… a father and his daughter.

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