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Orphaned six year old Atlas ventures across Africa in search of a new home after rebellious guerrillas attack his village and burn it to the ground. What ensues is an epic flight by a homeless penniless six year old across some of the most picturesque and diverse landscapes in the world.

After rebels murder his family and burn his village to the ground, seven year old Atlas flees through the African bush, and runs through the back alleys of urban cities searching for a new home. Finding unexpected sanctuary on a freighter bound for the US, he is adopted and raised in a safe environment, the veneer of the present quickly fades as Atlas’s past continues to hunt him down. Atlas must confront his past in order to heal his present and thrive in his future. His struggle is played out on the football, field as Atlas learns the true meaning of his freedom.


Atlas” is a feature length actionadventure story with elements of “Blood Diamond” meets “The Blindside”. A metaphor for the millions of people who have relocated to a foreign country reminiscent of our current refugee crisis. Will appeal to the underdog story of American football.

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