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It’s the last day of summer beach vacation. Benjamin or “Bean” as he is more affectionately called due to his intellect and highly inquisitive nature, is being rushed by his parents. Bean yells back, “In a minute Mom!” as he enters an area of jagged reef. Bean is dressed in swimming trunks and a dry-fit T-shirt with enough gear to impede any true swimming. Snorkel gear, goggles, fanny pack, metal detector, fishing net, etc. are all attached to his person, “Inspector Gadget” style.

In the distance he sees a couple of best buddies with obvious relationship history. Korbin, seated behind Bean asks, “So when are you going to show us?” as Keiko looks on. Bean promises right after class. Mr. Jones – the “cool” history teacher begins to discuss the assignment and dismiss class.

Suddenly the room vibrates violently and the kids take cover. The top pops off with extreme force and a green haze spews out. The haze covers the floor and begins to form into a huge silhouette of a figure. A huge, 7’7”, massive, giant genie appears with his hands straight up and fist formed. He’s screaming, bellowing so loudly it shakes the room.

Bean and his friends (and their teacher, Mr. Jones) are now on an amazing adventure which leads them to King Kareen, the King of the Genies, and despite their wish to never do homework again, their encounter with the genies changes their lives forever.

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