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Equity of Evil

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At the core is man’s predisposition to control and take ownership of the human spirit for the sake of profit and personal gain. Innovations of science often turn sinister when left in the hearts and minds of human beings. Inspired by true events, this bold medical thriller involves some of the world’s oldest, most emotional and controversial issues.

As Asimov once said, “Science is always ahead of wisdom” and this film is meant to stimulate very significant questions. If these two issues, abortion being the single most common medical procedure in the world and the fact that fetal tissue could save millions of lives for organ transplants, are so interwoven, where are the legal and moral boundaries for the human race and who will control or own the medical technologies associated with these issues? No community or nation is untouched by these issues.


One of the most important elements of this film is that it is part of a franchise of at least 3 films based on the Equity of Evil, Equity of Fear and Equity of Life.

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