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Mona’s Dream is a feature film telling the true story of young Mona Mahmudnizhad. Arrested at the age of 17 along with her father and dozens of other Baha’is, Mona endures months of physical torture and psychological abuse at the hands of the fanatical regime of Ayatollah Khomeini in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The goal of the IRI was to coerce them into recanting their faith. Their “crime”, punishable by death, is nothing more than having beliefs that differ from those of the ruling regime.

Having a strong sense of her unique destiny, Mona is now caught in a life and death struggle between her freedom of conscience and the repressive demands of the Iranian Revolution.

By the time of her arrest, without trial or counsel, Mona and nine other women are sentenced to death by hanging. On June 18th 1983, they are taken to an abandoned polo field in the darkness of night and are given one final chance to recant their faith. Mona, the youngest at 17, asks to be last so she can pray for the strength of her companions.

Mona is a combination of Anne Frank and Joan of Arc. Anne Frank for her awareness of the human condition and how to deal with a world of hatred, and Joan of Arc for the courage of her conviction and her aspiring vision for humanity.

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