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Iqbal Masih was like any normal child, with aspirations and dreams of getting educated. But he was only getting well versed in torture and indignity. An inspiring story of the beginning of Free the Children.

The true story of Iqbal Masih, age 10, a Pakistani indentured servant, who is freed from his servitude by an American reporter and a human rights organization. Iqbal is schooled and speaks out on indentured servitude. He speaks before a world body in Sweden and wins the Reebok Human Rights award in New York. On his return to Pakistan, he is assassinated by the carpet cartel he was indentured to.


The script has been vetted by National Geographic and the U.N./UNICEF would like to screen it. Free the Children is involved and Amnesty International likes the project. This is an International project that can get a domestic.US The Ford Foundation was interested in partial funding. CBS Films had a “consider” positive read on Swept Under. 

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